Geoffrey Nichols
Production Specializations Include:
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Non-Profit
  • Local Business
  • Training
  • Travel
  • Documentary
  • Live-Event
Observing Life Through The Lens
With a background as an Emmy award-winning broadcast news videojournalist/editor, I've learned to appreciate the beauty in all stories, while ready to creatively capture the real moments when they happen. Feel free to browse my portoflio and glimpse some of those moments.

Geoffrey Nichols VCARD


  • Videography, Still Photography
  • HD, DSLR, Film Cameras
  • ENG, Documentary Styles
  • Avid, Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Linear-Editing
  • Studio and on-location interview lighting set-ups/b-roll
  • Microwave Truck, Live-Shot Operation
  • Efficiency and Creativity under tight deadlines


  • Freelance
    Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor
  • Sharp Shot Media LLC:
    Owner/President, Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor
  • NBC10 WCAU-TV Philadelphia:
    News Videojournalist/Editor
  • NBC40 WMGM-TV Atlantic CIty:
    News Videojournalist/Editor
  • Collingswood TV (Public Access)
    Producer, Camera Operator, Photographer, Editor
  • B.A. in Communications: Radio/TV/Film – Rowan University

Photography Portfolio


Video Portfolio

(My individual crew responsibilities are listed alongside each production link below. These examples include work gained through my production company, as well as other work I was a part of, produced by additional production companies.)

Eye Am Not Alone – Ocular Melanoma Foundation
(Producer, Camera, Editor)
– A short promotional video informing and raising awareness of the orphan disease ocular melanoma. Ocular Melanoma Foundation’s EANA conference is highlighted.
St. Baldrick’s Foundation Event
(Producer, Camera, Editor)
– A short video capturing the St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-shaving event to help conquer children’s cancers. It was an awesome experience meeting so many interesting people before, during , and after the electric razor met their hair. It was truly heart-warming to see so many families and communities come together to help out a great cause.
US Fistball Promo
(Producer, Camera, Editor)
– A short promotional highlight video for US team recruiting.
“Airsoft Culture”
(Producer, Videojournalist, Editor)
– Some average joes are putting away the video games and turning to a live game called Airsoft. The game uses plastic, biodegradable BB’s to shoot at each other. Airsoft is an alternative to paintball as well as combat video games.
“Highway Hero”
(Videojournalist, Editor)
– Trucker Mike Hawthorne from Vineland, New Jersey is gaining quite a reputation as a roadside rescuer. He’s rescued one baby from a tornado and recently helped deliver his third baby.

“Post 9/11 Kids”
(Videojournalist, Editor)
– How do children born after 9/11 view the event and the post 9/11 world?


Emmy Awards
  • (2) NATAS Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy
  • (1) NATAS National News & Documentary Emmy
  • (4) NATAS Mid-Atalntic Regional Emmy
Other Awards
  • (1) CINE Golden Eagle – Documentary Award


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work.

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