The Plate & Table (Trailpack Media)

Bringing people together for a fun team-building experience, is the recipe for success with the chefs at The Plate & Table and their event enhancement offerings.

Credit: Producer, Director, Editor

Lacas Coffee: A Journey of Exceptional Quality (Maestro Filmworks)

Lacas Coffee celebrates their centennial as one of America’s oldest roasters with this video that shares their journey of exceptional quality.

Credit: Producer, Writer, Director


Morgan Stanley and Trailhead RPG (Maestro Filmworks)

As guides on the journey to retirement planning the team at Trailhead RPG/Morgan Stanley have the experience and knowledge to help face adversity along their client’s unique path. This company overview video highlights Trailhead RPG’s approach and focus on support services, so that their clients can enjoy their retirement.

Credit: Co-Producer, Location Scout

Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Group (GMR Marketing & Maestro Filmworks)

Through coordination and collaboration with a large crew over several days, we captured a series of fan tribute stories showcasing the love of their favorite Philly team.

Credit: Co-Producer


Ball Beyond – Sixers Night (Sharp Shot Media LLC)

Teaching life skills through basketball, Ball Beyond provides a unique educational experience to their students with a visit to an NBA venue.

Credit: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

DPA Microphones – Mounting the 4099 Mic (Sharp Shot Media LLC)

Through this tutorial and tips video, commissioned by DPA Microphones, we see the flexibility of applications and mounting options available with the versatile DPA Microphones 4099 Instrument Mic.

Credit: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor


Take a Breather Foundation – Maddi’s Miracle (Maestro Filmworks)

A touching patient story of a much needed double-lung transplant that was just a phone call away.

Credit: Co-Producer & Director of Photography


DPA Microphones – Behind Enrique Iglesias’ Tour: Brad Divens & Eddie Caipo (Sharp Shot Media LLC)

Utilizing DPA Microphones’ lineup of audio recording offerings Enrique Iglesias tour engineers Brad Divens and Eddie Caipo discuss the implementation of the microphones to enhance the band’s performance.

Credit: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

TV Broadcast

NBC Sports Philadelphia – FTW Philly: Autisarians (Maestro Filmworks & Nerd Street Gamers)

One of the hardest interviews to produce without crying, in this Emmy award-winning segment produced for NBC Sports Philadelphia’s esports-focused show FTW Philly, we follow a struggling father’s tale of connecting with his two autistic sons through creativity and virtual reality gaming to unlock their real-life superpowers.

Credit: Producer, Co-Director

NBC Sports Philadelphia – FTW Philly: Sons of Ra (Maestro Filmworks & Nerd Street Gamers)

Inspired by ancient Egypt, a team of Drexel University alumni share their story and the perils of independent video game design for an Emmy-nominated segment on NBC Sports Philadelphia esports-focused show FTW Philly

Credit: Producer, Director